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    questions about ClientControlMesh.exe




      I  find a question when I  use the ClientControlMesh.exe to develop the  bluetooth mesh


      when  we develop the customer model  and need clientControlMesh.exe to send the customer command ,

          so  we shoud press the VS Data button on the clientControlMesh,but the command and companyID is unmodifiable. the commandID is 0x01 and the CompanyID  is 0x01,and  the  companyID is 0x0131 (cypress).Look carefully at the ClientControlMesh code,and the two parameters is be set in the code.


      so  I want to modify the code to build the new ClientControlMesh that can input this two parameters on the ClientControlMesh.

      the ClientControlMesh is developed by the visual studio. but I  don't  know which version studio  was used  in the wiced studio.