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    Which makefile use the makefile in each folder own?

      Hi all.


      There is a respective makefile in each folder own(ex. apps\snip\push2scan) in Wiced-SDK.



      But the each makefile assign the only variables,  such as 

           NAME := App_Push2Scan

           $(NAME)_SOURCES := push2scan.c

           $(NAME)_COMPONENTS := inputs/gpio_keypad.


      I want to know where the (master)makefile using these variables.

      (Acutally I don't know where the makefile include the recipe of rules of makefile is...?)


      Also I want to know what the meanning of the variables like COMPONENTS,  GLOBAL_DEFINES, VALID_PLATFORMS etc..



      Best regards.


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          These are the files you are looking for.




          COMPONENTS are the precompiled binaries you want to use.

          GLOBAL_DEFINES here you add the definitions you need for certain configurations (look at apps/demo/bt_audio/bt_audio.mk).

          VALID_PLATFORMS is a list of the platform targets that are supported for that particular app.


          Look into the files above and you'll find your answers. Good luck!