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    Setup MIPI connection between CX3 and OV2740




      I am trying to establish a Video stream using the OV2740 and the denebola RDK.

      I configured the OV2740 with the RDK via I2C and configured the CSI-Block of the RDK accordingly. For the configuration I used the attached config files from the following old thread: CX3 RAW8 data stream


      One of the main problems right now is that there is no MIPI CLK signal.

      I already checked if the camera is active and in streaming mode.

      Other signals I measured were:

      MIPI DAT: some Signal => image attached

      PCLK: 80MHz-Clk Signal

      HSYNC: no Signal

      VSYNC: no Signal


      If you need any more information (such as other measurements, config or firmware files etc), I can provide them.


      Thank you in advance!