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    CYW43438A1 OTP read problem using IDE




      Hi, i'm using WICED-Studio-6.2  & CYW43438A1 for my project,  it works fine and ready for mass production now. 

      For some reason, i need to  pre-burn a 4 bytes vendor specific data to the OTP region which could be read back in my program.


      wl cisdump before burn:

      With reference of "OTP Programming and NVRAM Development in SDIO Mode .pdf" , i burned

      some bytes to 2 modules with command: wl cisupdate xx xx


      wl cisdump after burn of (modue_1):

      wl cisdump after burn (module_2):


      My question is : How can i read the data back in my program ? I tried wwd_wifi_get_iovar_value with tag string like "vendid" or "customvar1" , but both failed.



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          There is a provision to pass length parameter in cisdump to dump particular bytes but it is not working.


          As a workaround, we can modify cisdump function and print only the contents which are required. Please refer the attached file for wlu_cisread_offset() function which takes the offset and no. of bytes as argument and prints the data. You can copy the same data into a buffer and access it in your application

          static int
          wlu_cisread_offset(void *wl, cmd_t *cmd, char **argv)
          #if defined(_CFE_)
          return CFE_ERR_UNSUPPORTED;
          #elif defined(_HNDRTE_) || defined(__IOPOS__)
          return 0;
          char *bufp, *endptr;
          int ret = 0;
          uint32 off;
          uint32 updatelen;
          uint32 i;
          cis_rw_t cish;
          /* validate arg count */
          if (!*++argv || !argv[1])
          return BCME_USAGE_ERROR;
          /* grab byte offset */
          off = (uint32)strtol(argv[0], &endptr, 0);
          if (*endptr != '\0')
          return BCME_USAGE_ERROR;
          updatelen = (uint32)strtol(argv[1], NULL, 0);
          fprintf(stderr, "number of digits to be read:%d and offset:%d\n", updatelen, off);
              /* check for a length argument */
              if (updatelen & 1) {
                  printf("Invalid byte count %d, must be even\n", updatelen);
                  ret = BCME_BADARG;
                  goto done;
          /* Prepare the read info */
          cish.source = 0; cish.byteoff = 0; cish.nbytes = 0;
          /* set up the buffer and do the get */
          memset(buf, 0, WLC_IOCTL_MAXLEN);
              strcpy(buf, "cisdump");
              bufp = buf + strlen("cisdump") + 1;
              memcpy(bufp, (char*)&cish, sizeof(cish));
              bufp += sizeof(cish);
              ret = wl_get(wl, WLC_GET_VAR, buf, (int)((int)(bufp - buf) + (SROM_MAX)));
              if (ret < 0) {
                  fprintf(stderr, "Failed cisdump request: %d\n", ret);
                  goto done;
              /* pull off the cis_rw_t */
              bufp = buf;
              memcpy((char*)&cish, bufp, sizeof(cish));
              cish.source = dtoh32(cish.source);
              cish.byteoff = dtoh32(cish.byteoff);
              cish.nbytes = dtoh32(cish.nbytes);
              /* move past to the data */
             bufp += sizeof(cish);
              printf("Source: %d (%s)\n", cish.source,
                    (cish.source == WLC_CIS_DEFAULT) ? "Built-in default" :
                    (cish.source == WLC_CIS_SROM) ? "External SPROM" :
                    (cish.source == WLC_CIS_OTP) ? "Internal OTP" : "Unknown?");
              fprintf(stderr, "Printing the data at offset: %d\n", off);
              for (i = off; i < (updatelen + off); i++) {
                  if ((i % 8) == 0)
                  printf("0x%02x ", (uint8)bufp[i]);
          return ret;
          #endif /* _CFE_ */


          For testing purpose use the attached file and use the following command:

          > wl cisread_offset 10 4

          number of digits to be read:4 and offset:10

          Source: 2 (Internal OTP)

          Printing the data at offset: 10

          0x83 0xab 0x80 0x02