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    Configuring SCB1 for SPI and driving SPIM:sclk_m to 24MHz



      I have CY8CKIT-042 PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit. I need to configure this kit as master with SPI mode and need to drive some slave device.


      I have got some example code from code samples, which used SCB1 configured as SPI(master) and have tested loopback(MOSI to MISO) which worked fine.


      Now I need to configure SCB1_SPI as master which drives 24MHz to slave, as below.


      But I am unable to do it. I have configured SPI as below. As per the TRM, this configuration must produce 24MHz clock for SPI but it is driving only 4MHz.

      But in the clock section, I can see 24MHz for SPIM_SCBCLK.


      Why there is a difference in SPIM_SCBCLK(24MHz) and SPIM:sclk_m(4MHz) which is driving?


      Any other configurations, which are affecting the desired frequency of SPI? Please suggest.


      Any suggestion should be grateful.