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    Help with


      Hi everyone,

      I tried to build my project with an CYC8CPLC20 in PSoC Designer 5.4. But i  have problems with two files that i don't have in my project.


      mkdepend.exe: error:  cannot open "mkdep"

      make: *** [depend] Error 1



      can't open file linkfile

      make: *** [output/AN54416_PLC_Low_Power.rom] Error 1


      And i don't know how to create these files.

      Someone can help me if he has the solution? Thanks in advance.

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          Kindly use the command "Generate/Build ___ Project" from under the "Build" main menu. You can also access this command through F6 function key. PSoC Designer will generate the mkdep and link files necessary to build the project.