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    S70FL01GSAGBHIC10 : How to read CR (Configuration Register)


      Dear all.


      Now I am using the cypress SPI flash memory : S70FL01GSAGBHIC10.

      And I need to see current CR register configuration status especially SPI QUAD bit.

      Our questions are as the following and if you have some tips or ideas for them, please give me your recommendation.

      Thank you.


      1. I want to see current configured bit-values in CR register in memory dump information read by ROM Writer except for the use
        of RDCR instruction. Is it possible to see it ?
      2. What address of CR registor is in memory?
      3. CR registor is located in Sector Area of this memory?
      4. Is there any tools released from cypress to see the configured bits in CR registor ?


      Best regards,