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    How to change Stack/Heap sizes of FIXED STACK BOOTLOADER project?




      My team and I are trying to decrease the heap and stack sizes of the bootloadable but it doesn't seem to work. We have a PSOC 4 MCU and are using PSOC Creator 4.2.

      We encountered this forum discussion: Bug - Stack/heap sizes in cm0gcc.ld file for BLE OTA do not change with .cydwr entries? - here cypress confirms that there is a bug and that it is not possible to change the heap and stack sizes from within PSOC Creator in the case of bootloader projects and that they should be changed manually within the linker files.

      That's OK, except that my team and I are not sure exactly what we need to change in the linker files and what files are they exactly.

      Could you please provide some more detailed explanation as to how to do this manually?