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    run test.console without bootloader


      Hi All,


      I have a custom device that runs on STM32L4+ with CYW43012.

      I read the documentations that WICED system consists of bootloader, DCT and application.

      I mean Is it possible or there is a way to run test.console on this device without bootloader? because I avoid to use bootloader.




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          The bootloader is mandatory, without which the entry points can't be loaded and the application would fail to run. But if you can customize DCT to load all the entry points and point to the correct memory locations for the other binaries, it might be possible (not recommended from Cypress and you will be on your own to add support for this)

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            The reason I avoid using bootloader is because the MCU I use STM32L4S9 series does not have QSPI interface, which lead error when build the bootloader.

            Anyway I have followed instructions on the STM32F469 porting in WICED as my reference.

            Do you have any idea for this situation?



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              I add #if defined(QUADSPI) || defined(QUADSPI1) || defined(QUADSPI2) in some files related to the QSPI, trying to solve the error

              for example (platform_mcu_peripheral.h)


              I also I did it on the (qspi.c) and (platform_qspi.c).

              It end up gives me error "undefined reference to 'init_sflash'" on wiced_apps_common.c.


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                Removing the bootloader is not the solution in that case. In the peripherals.mk, remove the references to platform_qspi.c and from the components as well. Please try to find out where you have used the #defines and remove them so that it is not compiled (Even if you remove the BL, it will be compiled as a part of applications if the makefiles are not modified properly).


                For test-purposes, if you just wish to check the porting you can use NO_BUILD_BOOTLOADER=1 in your make target and that would skip the compilation for bootloader (You would see Skipping building bootloader due to commandline spec in CDT console). But the downside is that your device will not boot-up correctly; which is why you would need to fix in the architecture side.

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                  Yes I manage to build with skipping the bootloader using NO_BUILD_BOOTLOADER=1.

                  But as you have mentioned that I need to cutomize the DCT to make this work.

                  I also have read the documentation about DCT, but still I am not certain which files I need to modify.

                  could you advise me about the files that I need to look.