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    Measured Tx Power doesn't match with the Tx power in data sheet of CYBT-353027-02 EVB




      I am currently measuring Tx Power of CYBT-353027-02 with LitePoint IQxel80 instrument.

      However, I can merely measure Tx power aroud 8.7 dBm even though I set the power as maximum Tx power table 0x00 in cyBluetool as shown below.

      Is there any issue on the BT module?

      Could you look into this problem and suggest any of tryinig to do?



      Below is the result of measured Tx power with power table 0x00.



      Compared with measured Tx power and the power in data sheet, I can not increase Tx power up to 12dBm even though I set Tx power table as much as high (0x00).

      (Data sheet Link : page 26, https://www.cypress.com/file/416356/download )



      I used cyBluetool to control DUT and test configurations are like below.


      The demo hello sensor application is installed on the BT module using WICED studio 6.2.


      Thank you for your time and your support in advance.


      Best regards,