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    CE222793_MotionSensor_RTOS with emWin Failed!




      I was trying to use emWin with the code example CE222793_MotionSensor_RTOS.


      I have added following in display_task.c




      // from code example from CE223727_EmWin_EInk_Display

      // also updated LCDConf.c, LCDConf.h according to CE223727


      #include "GUI.h"

      #include "LCDConf.h"







      but the code was stack at 


      displayDetected = Cy_EINK_Power(CY_EINK_ON);


      in display_task.c and I could not find any reason why, can anyone take look at this issue?


      the project Archive has been attached to this thread.

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          Please enable "OSnTS" under emWin in Build Settings since the application uses FreeRTOS. In FreeRTOSConfig.h, set the following macro:


          #define configUSE_MUTEXES                       1


          Add "#include "queue.h"" in GUI_X_RTOS.c file. Now build the application and program your device. The startup display code you have written will be displayed