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    PSoC 6 BLE 4-Channel Streaming




      New to PSoC and Bluetooth tech. I'm working on a project that will sample 4 audio-like voltage signals (25ksps/channel) using the SAR ADC (12-bit resolution) and transmit them through the PSoC 6's BLE system to another PSoC 6, that will convert the digital data back to analog with the VDAC. I'm using two CY8CKIT-062-BLE pioneer kits and have the ADC system right so far. I've found a few examples of stereo audio streaming using the PSoC 6, but nothing with 4 channels. I'm not very familiar with interfacing or serial communication at the moment. Is it possible to send this much data using the PSoC 6's BLE system? I think I need roughly 25kspsx4channelsx12bits=1.2Mbps throughput. If someone could point me towards some example projects that try to do something similar, I'd appreciate it.