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    WICED IDE Error is Coming while Just compiling any of example code From APP folder


      Dear Sir,


      I am troubling in WICED IDE ,I build the just clicking on make target of respective project its working the code is also

      downloading in CYBT343026EVAL kit but when i want to change name of BLE module or just i want to Compile the project by opening .C file

      of Hello Sensor the many errors are coming also the device name getting updated


      i did proper installation by referring documents

      i also refers  many documents regarding this but not getting enough information to resolve this p[problem

      please try to figure it out and let me know  why its coming

      as soon as possible my development taking long time because of this problem


      Please find attached Image for proper Clarification


      I did many changes depend on video available on Site of Developer community

      but still problem is not resolved


      I want to develop this product as soon as possible but somewhere i stuck here solving problem

      of IDE not Solving our logic.