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    Cy_BLE_GetBatteryLevel, Cy_BLE_GetTemperature...etc. API Ambiguity




      I am trying to use the Cy_BLE_GetBatteryLevel to get the radio voltage level without ADC. However, the PDL references are kind of ambiguous. Generally, the BLE event parameters are casted to another pointer to read values for the event-dependent pointer structure, but for CY_BLE_EVT_RADIO_VOLTAGE_LEVEL (and temperature), it says it is of type uint16_t. Is it a typo in this case?


      Further, the event CY_BLE_EVT_SET_SLAVE_LATENCY_MODE_COMPLETE mentioned being triggered by Cy-BLE_GetBatteryLevel too. Is this also a typo? Or is there any other operation should be done to get the battery level of the BLE radio?


      The PDL version I'm using is 3.0.4 and BLE component version 2.10