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    Cannot modify Creator DWR->Clocks


      Dear Sir,


      I installed PSoC Creator 4.2 IDE on my new notebook,


      PSoC Creator  4.2 (

      Culture: English (United States)

      OS Version: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.17134.0

      CLR Version: 4.0.30319.42000


      Installed CyInstaller Products:

      CMSIS-DAP Driver V17

      CySmart 1.3

      Peripheral Driver Library 3.0.1

      Peripheral Driver Library 3.0.3

      Peripheral Driver Library 3.0.4

      Peripheral Driver Library 3.1.0

      PSoC Programmer 3.27.3

      PSoC Creator 4.2


      Loading any PSoC6 example project, build/run is normal, but when trying to modify the clock configuration (Design Wide Resources->Clocks) failed.

      Likes the picture above, default FLL is 100M, i modified to 50M then clicked "OK" button and close the window, nothing(FLL, Clk_HF0 etc.) was changed. Re-open this Edit Clock window, the FLL is still 100M. And i found all the options (both Source Clocks page, FLL/PLL page, High Frequency Clocks page, Miscellaneous Clocks page) cannot be modified. Other items in DWS such as Pins, Interrupts, System etc. are normal!


      I have tried to re-install the Creator tool several times, but the problem was the same.