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    Changing range_max under wiced_bt_mesh_core_config_element_t


      I'm trying to interface a different sensor using P12 ADC input to read analog value. The data rolls over after a certain value and tried to change range_max under wiced_bt_mesh_core_config_element_t of the ambient temperature example code. On changing this, provisioning on the app shows complete when I connect to Cypress BLE Mesh board but doesn't show up under Components(Android Application) to read the data. Am I missing something?


      Thank you in advance

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          Hi Akhil Srinivas,


          I can see the default value for .range_max is 0xffff (decimal: 65535). What is the changed value which is given by you?

          Could you share your code so that I can take a look at it and try to reproduce the issue at my side.



          .move_rollover: The move_rollover parameter determines the action when a maximum value is reached. If this

          value is ‘true’ when the level reaches the maximum range, the level value rolls over to the minimum value;

          otherwise, it stops at the defined maximum value.