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    Wifi Bluetooth combination module product offerings targeting microcontrolers?

      We are developing an industrial temperature (-20 C to 70C)

      Wearable device with the profile of a watch. I'm wondering about what products Broadcom offers that might meet our needs.


      1. We would like to have a small profile combination Wifi + Bluetooth module with excellent power dissipation characteristics.
        1. Wifi / Bluetooth will be used to constantly at a high duty-cycle to send data gathered by the device to a web-service.
      2. The device will be communicating with an Embedded system
        1. We don't anticipate having and embedded operating system on the device (No linux, Android or windows)
          1. So would need to communicate using Some machine to machine protocol (SPI, Serial (AT commands), I2C, whichever. We haven't chosen a microcontoler yet.
          2. If there isn't any embedded communication options we are open to exploring having an operating system on board. However, microelectronics are seen as necessary for several use case elements as real time response to certain sensor data is essential to the solution. Application processor / Microcontroler / FPGA various technology combination SOICs are of interest to us.
      3. Pre-certified modules would be a plus to realize a faster development cycle.
      4. The device will also have UHF ((902-928Mhz ISM FCC) & ETSI band) broadcasting at ~27dBm systems co-located on the device so having EM shielding / layout recommendations already available for the system would be a plus.