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    Problem with compiler error in IDE ModusToolbox 1.1


      May I ask how to solve the following problems? Thank you very much!



      1. OS Version: Window 10 64bit

      2. ModusToolbox_1.1 installation directory :C:\Users\shiha\ModusToolbox_1.1,

      3. ModusToolbox_1.1 WorkSpace directory:C:\Users\shiha\mtw

      4. New project:

         4.1. File->New-> ModusToolbox IDE Application,select the following figure:


      1. 4.2. Application, select the following figure.


                4.3. Click Next:


                4.4. Click Finish:


               4.5. WorkSpace directory:


          5. Open design.modus as follows:


           6. Do not do any change option ,click save directly,prompt to go down:


             7. Click OK,as follows: