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    How to structure GND & SHIELD [slider+proximity]




      First of all congratulations for your community.


      I would like to know how to define every part in my layout. I have a seven segments linear slider surrounded for a proximity sensor. My question is:


      Q1: I found in the design guidelines that two more GND segments should be added at the beginning and at the end of the slider, is it necessary if I add a GND hatched plane? If the hatched plane is used for the shield electrode is necessary these GND segments? (I will implement two mount/no mount  0ohms resistors to have both options)


      Q2: I found that the proximity sensor needs a ground loop around, but i didn't found anything about the inside of the proximity. In my case, the slider will be inside the proximity sensor, so the hatched plane (SH or GND) of the slider could interfere with the proximity sensor?


      Have any advice to create the layout with both solutions would be great,


      Thank you