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    What is wrong with WICED I2C ?

    Ashok Ra

      Hi ALL,

      I tried to drive OLED display (i2c interface) with CYW920819EVB-02 kit. The result is, only the half of screen works.. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz5xHbzH6no/

      It was working code nothing wrong in cmds or anything, then i tried the same code with PSoC4 and its works well.. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz-ALrBHbLh/

      In both case i used 100k baud-rate.

      CYW920819EVB-02 -> Pins-> scl_pin = WICED_P27 .sda_pin = WICED_P32

      i changed the pins also but stil the result is same. so something goes wrong with wiced_hal_i2c_write( but always it returns SUCCESS.

      Please let me know, what could be the difference between PSoC4 I2C & WICED I2C.



      Ashok r