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    343026-eval audio


      I am using Wiced 6.2.1 and the CYBT-343026-EVAL board.


      I was given some advice that the hci_audio_remote_control application acts as an a2dp source so that is where I started.


      I made a few edits on the hci_audio_remote_control program to make it pairable and discoverable, I have attached the files I edited and am using for testing. After getting a few things to work, I have a few questions:


      1. I can get it to connect to an iPad (my ultimate end goal) but cannot get it to connect to an android device. Pairing is rejected. Is there something special that needs to be done for this? The watch application pairs with android but not apple. Are the Bluetooth profiles specifically for Android or Apple but not both?
      2. After getting it to pair, I was trying to see what the output would be. In the demo/watch app, there is the tAV_APP_CB stuct that has the audio_route  but I cannot find anything similar in the hci_audio_remote_control program. Is it different in this application? Is there documentation to explain this? I am new and am struggling to understand how this is supposed to work as an a2dp source.
      3. The first thing I tried to do with the board however was follow the instructions on the hci_control.c file in the hci_audio_remote_control file. I have attached the instructions (hci_audio_remote_control_instructions.txt) and the pins I tied on the two separate boards(hci_spi_bridge_connections.xlsx). When I program them, the build targets are “demo.hci_uart_spi_bridge-CYBT_343026_EVAL download UART=COM8” and “demo.audio.hci_audio_remote_control-CYBT_343026_EVAL download UART=19”. The instructions say to open Client Control and I connected to the port specified, but Client Control does not let me send any commands. Are there any additional steps that I need to follow? The hci_uart_spi_bridge build target has TRANSPORT=SPI, but if I try to program any board that way, it fails to download.
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          Hi LeGa_4199316,


          Please find my answers below:


          1. I tested Watch demo app with both Apple & android, did not face any connection issue. I will try testing with the demo code you attached in description and update you soon.


          2. As mentioned in app comments, hci_audio_remote_control uses only BR-EDR connection and performs A2DP source functionality where audio data is sent over UART. Whether as, watch demo uses both BR-EDR and BLE connection functionality. While using BLE, it transfers audio over I2S.


          3. You can even generate HCD file for 20706 board for hci_audio_remote_control app using DIRECT_LOAD=1 and download it to CYW20706 board/module using ClientControl. After downloading, you should se BR/EDR discovery tab and other commands enabled. I will check the connections you have attached and update soon.