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    Interfacing a psoc 6/5lp to a cybt-213043-2 module


      Hi all,

      my project requires more ports than the cybt-213043-2 module provides. I wish to interface a psoc 6/5lp to the cybt-213043-02

      I assume, one would use the HCI interface? Are there any example with this configuration?

      My project requires a UART for connection to a lte modem module to make socket call to a server, SPI,I2C.

      So I dont believe I can do it simply with this ble module.


      Rob Berry

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          Hi Rob Berry,


          We do not have any example for this configuration.

          Could you please clarify your overall application requirement?

          I understand you need more pins for your project, If you want to go with any of our chips other than module, will it fit for your application?

          For example, CYW20819 which is base chip of cybt-213043-02 module ?  ( https://www.cypress.com/products/ble-bluetooth  )

          Or any particular reason of interfaing PSoC 6? Please confirm.


          If you want to integrate PSoC 6 + cybt-213043-02 , then you can do it with which ever interface you need. However you need to confirm which should be your main controller depending upon your application. Also which functionalities in PSoC 6 and cybt-213043-02 will be used. So please let us know the application requirements to comment.