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    Cannot move pins - (pin conflict despite the fact that pins are not locked)




      I am finalizing a PSoC3 design using PSoC Creator 3.3 CP3. I need to move the pins used by the "Character LCD" component from P5[6:0] to P2[6:0].

      To this end, I assign P2[6:0] to the LCD component in the design wide resources (.cydwr) editor, in the Pins tab.


      From earlier builds of the project, however, pin P2[2] was previously auto-assigned to another signal (but not locked to that pin!).

      Since the assignment to P2[2] is not a "locked" one, I would expect that when running the next build, PSoC Creator would simply move the signal that was previously using P2[2] to another location, in order to make room for the "Character LCD" pins.

      Instead, it flags an error message:

      Multiple assigments have been made to pin P2[2]


      (and BTW, I probably found a typo error in PSoC Creator: it should be "Multiple assignments have ben made to pin ..." )


      I tried the commands "unlock" and "auto-assign during build" on the signal previously auto-assigned to P2[2], but no way....PSoC Creator insists saying that P2[2] is assigned to multiple signals.


      How can I have PSoC Creator **forget** the earlier auto-assignment of a signal to P2[2] ?


      Thanks for any suggestion!