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    PSoC 5LP + SIM808



      Anyone have experience with PSoC 5LP and SIM808?

      How can I get work GPS and GSM throw one UART instead using two UART's?

      I have a PSoC5LP design using two UART's with SIM800L and GPS, but now I have to use SIM808 that includes GSM + GPS in the same module with one Tx and Rx for both process .


      Thanks a lot!



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          I think you need not configure two UARTs for this case. This is a SIM808 issue where the device has configured one UART line to transfer both the GPS and GSM data.


          So, we could look at it as a simple UART communication between PSoC 5LP and SIM808 irrespective of what SIM808 functionalities are. I don't think the communication is as simple as sending AT commands either.


          Here is the link where you can download the APIs for SIM808 - GitHub - DFRobot/DFRobot_SIM808: SIM808. There is a catch here. You have to convert the cpp files into .c files before using in the PSoC5LP project.