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    TCPWM Geneates unpredictable signal




      In my design, on a CYBLE-214015-1,  I want to generate a stable PWM signal using the TCPWM component. However, when I measure the output of the signal with an oscilloscpe, there are a lot of unaccounted transitions on the PWM line signal. In my hardware design this pin is routed only to a test pin pad with no connections at all. What causes this issue? In attachment the simple design reproducing this phenomenon.


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          I rebuilt the design for another BLE device (CYBLE224110) and noticed the phenomenon stopped. Returned to te Original design (CYBLE214015) and now it works fine... Strange… Clean and rebuild is maybe not that clean at all (although I started with a new project)??? What a way to waste a perfect Friday afternoon (in stead of having a drink with the collegues)