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    PSoC4 BLE High Current consumption in DeepSleep


      We are currently designing a BLE 4.2 application using CYBLE212020-01 powered by 3V battery. The SW design was done according to Cypress project examples and AN92584 application. We noticed that the current consumption is as low as expected (15uA) in DeepSleep when the module is Connected and the Notification is enabled (only in this case !), but in the other cases (i.e. Advertising state or Connected without Notification Enable or Not Connected) the current consumption is much higher (about x 1000).

      Let me give you more details: my software sets the WDT to wake-up the application from DeepSleep every 200ms to read 1 capacitive button and goes back to DeepSleep if the button is not pressed. Once the BLE module (configured as Peripheral) is connected with its Central device and Notification is enabled, the SW calls the API  CyBle_L2capLeConnectionParamUpdateRequest() to set  the BLE Connection Parameters:


      Min Connection Interval 4000ms

      Max Connection Interval 4000ms

      Connection Timeout 30sec


      From this point on the DeepSleep Current consumption falls to only 15uA as said before (with a higher short current peak every 4sec because of the Connection interval, that's normal).


      I would like to know if someone can help me to reach this Low Power Consumption also in the other BLE states (Not Connected, Connected without Notification Enabled, Advertising).