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    Build Error - conflicting types for cy_ble_stackMemoryRam


      My first attempt at adding BLE to my PSoC6 board. I'm following the instructions in CE215119 "BLE Battery Level with PSoC 6 MCU with BLE Connectivity' (plus an ADC and UART that I want to use later but were the starting point for my development). The BLE version is V2.10; PSoC Creator is the latest with al of the modules updated to the latest available versions. This is on a Windows 10 64-bit computer (a VM but I don't think that would matter in this case).

      When I compile I get:


      prj.M0120:Build error: conflicting types for 'cy_ble_stackmemoryRam'


      with a reference to cy_ble.c, lin e38,column 46. That line reads (in context):



      uint8_t *cy_ble_stackMemoryRam = NULL;


      CY_ALIGN(sizeof(uint32_t)) CY_NOINIT uint8_t cy_ble_stackMemoryRam[CY_BLE_STACK_RAM_SIZE];

      #endif  /* CY_BLE_SHARING_MODE_EXPORT */


      and is the 'else' code line.

      In 'cy_ble.h there is also the code:



          extern uint8_t *cy_ble_stackMemoryRam;


          extern uint8_t cy_ble_stackMemoryRam[CY_BLE_STACK_RAM_SIZE];

      #endif  /* CY_BLE_SHARING_MODE_EXPORT */


      but there it appears as though the first code line is the one that is active (although this could be the IDE leading me astray and not what the compiler sees as hovering over the CY_BLE_SHARING_MODE_EXPORT gives the same expansion of 'CY_BLE_SHARING_MODE == CY_BLE_SHARING_EXPORT).


      CAn someone tell me where I'm going wrong?