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    Regarding CYBT-413034-02


      I have two questions for now-


      1. As per CYBT-413034-02 datasheet,


      TX current consumption

      BLE silicon: 5.6 mA (MCU + radio only, 0 dbm)


      RX current consumption

      Bluetooth silicon: 5.9 mA (MCU + radio only)


      Why is RX current greater than Tx current?


      2. Which kind of BT audio phones can be used with CYBT-413034-02.

      Please name few companies and their part numbers. Is there any example

      code to demonstrate BT audio communication. (Yes I know there are only

      few audio profiles which CYBT-413034-02 supports).

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          In General the Rx current may be more than Tx current. Because receiver part will be having amplifier + filter circuits etc which may lead to comparatively greater current consumption on Rx side.


          CYBT-413034-02 can be connected to any phones which have Bluetooth support. But it doesn't support all Audio profiles.

          It supports only A2DP source ( WICED Bluetooth Software Features  - refer to 20719 features listed) .

          watch demo example in WICED SDK uses A2DP source  ( /20719-B1_Bluetooth/apps/demo/watch ) .