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    PSOC5LP DSI manual routing for 32x32 mux




      I want to be able to modify the routing for 32 digital signals connected to 32 pins at runtime. All of them output.

      User should be able to select which pin has which functionality on the fly.


      Implementing this with using the PLDs consumes too much resource (I haven't tried yet but obvious.)


      DSI output to pin logic has 4 to 4 mux but I need 32 to 32 mux.


      As far as I understand, It's possible with manual DSI routing but the TRM not says enough info about DSI routing.

      Is there any document for DSI routing and register details?


      Or have you any other resource saving solution for this issue?


      IC : PSOC5LP, CY8C5888AXQ-LP096


      Thanks, Regards.