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    EZ-USB FX2 iic file not generated(FX3_SDK)


      When FX2 device with FX3 SDK , .hex file is generated but iic file is not generated.

      I can write program to RAM but can't write to EEPROM because there is no iic file.


      Files built with keil can be converted to iic files with HEX2.bix.


      I get an error when I try to convert data built with EZ USB Suite.


      PS C:\Tools\Cypress> .\Hex2bix.exe -I TestProject.hex Intel Hex file to EZ-USB Binary file conversion utility Copyright (c) 1997-2005, Cypress Semiconductor Inc.

      Error: Input image too big for output file size.  Addr = 0xe000, len = 0x20.

      PS C:\Tools\Cypress>


      Size of two files is almost equal.


      Please tell me how to generate iic file with FX3 SDK.



      I used this URL as a reference