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    WICED SDK Support for STM32F415



      We are able to build a demo project in the WICED SDK (snip.bluetooth.ble_hello_sensor) and flash it onto our eval board, CYW94343WWCD1. We are trying to flash the same demo project to our custom board, which has chip BCM43438 in the WM-BN-BM-26_a SiP. Our ARM processor is of the STM32F415 variant, and none of the WICED SDK platform files include the pinout for this variant, but we do see support for STM32F411 and more. Is there an existing WICED SDK platform with support for this variant? If not, is it possible to build a custom platform for the SDK to support STM32F415? In our investigation, we found the stm32f4xx.h file, with this line: "Uncomment the line below according to the target STM32 device used in your application." We tried uncommenting the "#define STM32F40_41xxx" line, which should have enabled STM32F415 pins, but ended up with build errors on duplicate definitions. Any help would be appreciated.