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    Using apa102 leds


      I am changing a project from arduino to psoc 5lp.  The project uses APA102 leds.  Would anyone have example code or be able to point me towards resources for getting these working?

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          Hello Steven,


          We currently do not have a code example with apa102 leds. However you can do the following

          When you are changing project from arduino to PSoC then:

                  In this case you need to drop two digital output pins in the TopDesign: one for DI and other for CI input.

                  Connect the VCC and GND of the APA102 leds to the VCC and GND pins of the PSoC 5LP kit.

                  While assigning pins in the Design wide resources, you can choose desired pins by having a look at pinouts section of the datasheet of            the PSoC 5LP device you are using.


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            There is Cypress software to drive the WS2811/12 LED's.  It was written for PSoC3/4/5, you can adapt it for the APA102 device.  See attachment.



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