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    Problem with Matrix Keypad


      Sorry to trouble you Bob (unless anyone else can answer)

      Okay firstly I admit to being a relative newbie to PSOC. This is my first attempt to download a community library.

      I HAVE watched all (I think) the videos , and been over all the postings, but still getting errors.

      Firstly I downloaded the library according to this video as a general  library for all projects according to this: Pretty sure Ive tried with and without code in the dependencies, but which should it be??



      Then tried opening your example and got same errors as my next test which was to open a new project with a blank schematic, and import just the keypad. Added a clock and a pin (doesnt matter if IRQ or not,) and get errors shown in attachment. Its also independant of no of keys  tried 2x2 to 8x8.

      Net 116 is not Clock or Pressed so where is it??


      Help greatly appreciated