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    PSOC5: Hang in I2CM_MasterWriteBuf under FreeRTOS




      Few months ago I created a discussion which I cannot locate.

      I tried running I2CM_MasterWriteBuf after xSemaphoreTake.

      The semaphore was created using xSemaphoreCreateCounting(1,1);


      I used this semaphore because I had 2 tasks that use I2C so I needed a critical section mechanism.

      In this scenario, I2CM_MasterWriteBuf hanged.


      I think found a solution.

      I used xSemaphoreCreateCounting, xSemaphoreTake  before running: vTaskStartScheduler();

      When I created and used the semaphore in a task, I2CM_MasterWriteBuf worked fine.


      Is this the the right solution ?


      Thank you,