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    Adding or modifying CCG3 sink PDOs from EC at runtime




      I am interested in adding one extra sink PDOS to the list list of active sink PDOs from the EC using the host processor interface. u The device is a CCG3 running CYPD3125_40LQXIT_notebook firmware version 3.3.1. This firmware supports HPI v2, which includes commands to read and modify the source and sink PDOs of the CCG3 at runtime.


      Our two most common power sources or our product support source PDOs of 20V@1A and 20V@1.5A. The configuration table of our firmware contains only the 20V @1.5A sink PDO. We would like to be able to add the 20V@1A sink PDO at runtime because some of our units are already in the field and it is easier to upgrade the firmware of the EC as opposed to the CCG3. We currently only use 6 of 7 possible sink PDOs, so I would like to make the 7th sink PDO the 20V@1A profile.


      HPI document is a pretty decent source of information on how to use HPI v2 to accomplish this task. This document describes the steps to update the list of sink PDOs.

      The last step always results in an "invalid argument" event returned by the CCG3. I've double-checked that I have only one 20V PDO enabled in the new sink PDO mask and that the signature in read data memory is correctly set.


      Is it possible to add this 7th sink PDO using this approach? Or can it only be added by updating the configuration table?


      Thanks in advance for your help! Any feedback on this approach is greatly appreciated, and please let me know if there are any other documents or reference materials I should use when implementing this feature.



      Rob Weber