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    Installation PSoC Creator on a headless build server


      I would like to build my project on a continuous integration system (in my case, Appveyor). I can use CyPrjMgr to build my project from the command line, but to do this I need to somehow get PSoC Creator onto the build machine.


      To do this I need two things:


      - the ability to download PSoC Creator itself --- the build VM isn't persistent, so this will need to installed every time. This is problematic because the download link (the one here, in my case: https://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cy8ckit-059-psoc-5lp-prototyping-kit-onboard-programmer-and) requires a login. Is there another source for this? (I don't believe the licensing allows me to deploy the binary onto the build servers myself.) Better still, is there a version which contains just the build tools and BSP but has no documentation, IDE etc?


      - once I have the package, I then need to do a headless installation. Unfortunately actually installing PSoC Creator is a long and laborious process involving many update stages. Is there any way to do a headless installation of it?