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    FX3 peripheral register view in eclipse


      Hi All,


      Can someone point me to peripheral register view. Default superspeed sdk does not show anything in peripherals tab in debug view.


      Interpreting through mem dump becomes quite difficult and time consuming.




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          Hi Rohith,


          Currently the FX3 EZ-USB Suite doesn't have the flexibility of showing the peripheral registers in the debug view and can only be interpreted as shown below:


          1.) After opening the debug view in FX3 SDK, there are tabs at the bottom window as shown in the figure.     

          Open the memory tab and there will be a + sign beside monitors.


          2.) Click on the Monitors '+' button and enter 0 in the Monitor Memory tab and press OK.


          3.) This will create a mem dump in the Memory tab from 0x0.


          4.) Right clicking on the mem dump space opens a pop-up and select the Go To Address... option which opens a small search bar at the bottom of the mem dump space.

          This search bar can be used to navigate to a particular register address which is desired by the user and find the value stored in it.





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            Hi Yashwant,


            Thanks for the info, but I can not mark this as correct answer.


            The process you mentioned is cumbersome and does not give a better view to quickly check if a bit is set or not.

            I have used STM32 based projects where ST has an excellent peripheral view, where on clicking the register it shows value of seperate bitfields with the name given to each bitfield as per the datasheet.


            In my opinion, thats a very basic thing and cypress should spend time on providing the same. It'll save users a lot of time while debugging/analyzing their code.




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              Hi Rohith,


              This feature is currently not available and your suggestion has been forwarded to the concerned development team who will evaluate the suggestion.

              Thank you for your interest in Cypress products.