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    How to deal with LIN?


      Hi all,


      I find code example "P4_SCB_LIN_Slave_Example" which used device CY8C4245AXI-483,now I change device to CY8C4146PVS-S432 through Device selector.But it remind me error:Pin guidance unavailable: Resource limit: Maximum number of Macrocells exceeded (max=0, needed=1).


      So I create an empty project and port those code,then build this project,it works.I want to transport proximity sensor state(0 or 1) through LIN,but I don't know if it's right,please help me to check it,thanks.

      My project attached.


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          Hi Leo,


          You can definitely use LIN to transport proximity sensor state.

          The code example you mentioned uses UDB block to connect NSLP pin to logic 1 ( in order to make it high). Some LIN transceiver devices also have an "enable" or "sleep" input signal that is used to control the operational state of the device, so this NSLP pin is used. But CY8C4146PVS-S432 does not have UDB, so you are getting the error. To remove the error, just delete the Logic 1 component, and in configuration of the NSLP pin, disable the hardware connect and make initial drive state "High".

          In the project, you have removed the NSLP pin, so it may/may not work depending upon the LIN trans-receiver/shield kit. So it would be better not to remove the pin, but instead remove "logic 1" component as I have explained, and drive it to High state.