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    How can track progress on a reported bug resolution when thread where is posted was locked?


      I've posted about a week ago bug report https://community.cypress.com/thread/47164 regarding   wiced_hal_gpio_configure_pin() with config param = GPIO_OUTPUT_ENABLE (16384), but neither the bug was fixed in 6.4.0 that was released a day ago nor the thread stay open for additional discussion  or reporting the progress/result?


      Not quite sure how the hardware of 20719 is realized in the chip, but currently all the attempts from code to configure a GPIO pin as output fail and the pin (supposed to be output)  stays configured as input (default configuration).

      So driving with code an input Low or High with attached load to it wouldn't be fatal for the chip circuit??


      And what is so secret about the GPIO registers, so nobody from Cypress don't want to disclose those memory addresses? This could fix eventually the problem or at least give a clue if it is not a problem in the stack code 


      So how could I find when /if those and other reported bugs are fixed when the treads where were reported are closed/locked?