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    how to use the ClientControlMesh.exe to send the customer message to the server



          as  we know, we can send the standarcommand for example  the recall scene  to CYW20735 by ClientControlMesh.exe.  so if the vendor need  to send the  customer message to  server, how  to use the ClientControlMesh.exe to send the customer message.


      if  there is any documents to introduce the usage to send the customer message !



        thanks !

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          Hi mandy wu,


          Communication between nodes over mesh can start only if the nodes are provisioned and configured well, so that it can understand the mesh messages. Cypress helper applications will help you by taking care of the provisioning and configuring of the mesh device by running a series of configuration commands. In this particular case, since you are interested to do operation in MeshClientControl, you can use LightControl tab in MeshClientControl to do the provisioning and configuring of your mesh device and you can send vendor specific messages. Then if you want you can move to the model tab to send the required model messages also. Please note that when you send model messages you will have to use correct node address and app_key_index given by provisioner at the time of provisioning/Configuring.


          Since you are interested in scene and vendor specific models, here is the steps you can follow to do below operations.

          • provision a vendor specific app.
          • Send vendor specific messages.
          • Send scene model messages.


          Please follow below steps:

          1. Download mesh_provision_client  and mesh_vendor_specific_app on two devices. (make sure you enable scene_client model for mesh_provision_client from 'change application settings')
          2. Open COM port of mesh_provision_client device in LightControl tab of MeshClientControl, And provision mesh_vendor_specific_app.
          3. Select the provisioned device from the drop down list and type vendor specific message in 'Vendor Data' and SET it. Observe the ClientControl log as well as device side serial log.
          4. Now, note down the address allocated to mesh_vendor_specific_app device (Eg: 0002).
          5. Goto ClientControl directory (.\components\BT-SDK\common\apps\snip\mesh\ClientControl\Release) and open Network.JSON. And note down the appKeys generated.
          6. Select model tab on MeshClientControl and use appropriate destination address and app_key_index. (For GET messages you have to use Generic appKey index and for SET messages you have to use Setup appKey index.)
          7. Select Scene from the drop down menu and then use Scene commands (Store, recall, delete,...) to do operations.


          Please let me know if the above steps helped you.




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