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    CYBT-213043-MESH EZ-BT Android App Help


      I am using CYBT-213043-MESH EZ-BT kit and I am trying to compile source of Android peerapp App for Mesh given in modus IDE installation folder..



      I am using Android studio 2.3 but its not compiling source code..

      Can you help me with,

      Android Studio Version

      Gridle Version

      Ndk Version

      any other specific dependency

      which can build this app..


      I have tried my best to build the app but getting following error and there is no trace of the same..

      no file found wided_bt_mesh.h in platform.h

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          Hi Ravi Butani,


          One important step you will have to do is to copy BT-SDK folder into C drive (or other drive) and open the MeshApp android project from it.

          This step will help you to overcome the path limitation of 'folders\subfolders' in Windows. Could you please try below steps.


          Could you please try the following steps and build the project.

          1. Install the latest BTSDK1.3 from the community -ModusToolbox BT SDK 1.3
          2. Copy "BT-SDK" folder into your C drive directly. (BT-SDK folder is located inside ModusToolbox_1.1\libraries\bt_sdk-1.1\components)
          3. Open the MeshApp project from AndroidStudio. (\BT-SDK\common\apps\snip\mesh\peerapps\Android\src\MeshApp)
          4. Build the project.


          But, I would suggest you to upgrade your android studio to the latest, so that you won't hit with any software setup issues. We could successfully build the android source code using below software versions.

          Android studio version: 3.4.1

          Gradle version: 4.6


          And remaining setting are as below.





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            Thanks DheerajP_41

            For quick response..


            I am updating BT_SDK to 1.3 and Android Studio Too...