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    EZUSB Part Selection for USB 2.0 UVC Camera MJPEG Support



      I am interested in using the EZ USB chips for a new design and would like some help choosing the best part that has software example to prove concept. These are the requirements:


      - USB 2.0 device (USB 3.0 not available for this application) on Windows platforms

      - Supporting OV5640 (or equally similar image sensor) running in 8 bit parallel mode output is YUV and MJPEG

      - Video capture using UVC drivers (ie. looks like a webcam to PC requiring no drivers to be written)

      - Capture of images of at least 1M pixels (at least 1280x1024 SXGA resolution at 15 fps min). For this, compression is required (if I am not mistaken) and the OV5640 supports MJPEG.

      - Application is cost sensitive so I would ideally like to go with the EZUSB 2 devices as opposed to the newer EZ USB 3 devices (unless the EZUSB 2 devices are to be obsoleted in the next 5 years)

      - There is a space constraint where the PCB width should not exceed 8mm so the 56 pin BGA EZ USB 2 devices are very attractive


      Can you please recommended a suitable part that has a reference design that I can use/adapt to achieve a proof of concept.


      Thanks in advance