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    cy3295-mtk how to connect i2c truetouch device



      I have CY3295-MTK manufacturing test kit. I have CYTMA568-56LQI44BB TrueTouch Device. Simply I just want to tune my device with the manufacturing test kit. I have TrueTouch Host Emulator Software to do the tuning job. The TrueTouch Host Emulator shows my manufacturing kit as "connected" on the left bottom corner of software, but slave address and I2C clock shows "No Device". I am using I2C interface to communicate. I have used pull-up resistor for SDA and SCL lines. Pull-ups are connected to VCOM pin, and VCOM is adjusted to 2,6V. CYTMA568 device is powered with VAUX and it is 3.3V. Both TrueTouch Host Emulator and  Bridge Control Panel programs don't recognize the touchscreen. How to connect properly the touchscreen and get MTK kit recognize the touchscreen? I have checked both SCL and SDA lines with osciloscope, seems working, but still not recognized by PC.