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    s34ms04g200 simulation


      Dear Developers,

      I use a S34MS04G200 NAND flash combined with a Xilinx FPGA in a new PCB. I want to create an AXI-Interfaceable VHDL controller to store data from ARM-Cores Logic. For that reason, I’m setting up a MODELSIM simulation. I can compile and simulate the provided flash model s34ms04g200.vhd. I stick to the timing interface specified in the data sheet, wait the powerup time of 100us and pull high the ready pin. Unfortunately, I’m not getting any response from the model. In S34ms04g200.exe there is one testbench S34ms04g200\utilities\CreateSDF\testbench.vhd. I cannot use this because I don’t have the package “work.amd_tc_pkg.ALL;”.

      Could you provide a working VHDL Testbench where successful writes and reads are performed?

      Best Regards, Peter