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    help with fx3 firmware design


      I want to design a storage device using the following approach:

      usb3.0 <==> fx3 or fx3s <==> fpga <==> big storage(sd-card or ssd)


      My questions are:

      1) What is the best selection in this case (fx3 or fx3s)? and why?

      2) What best firmware example should I start with?

      3) I'm aware i'll need slavefifo firmware example, which one best suits this approach (synchronous or asynchronous)?

      4) How can I combine Mass Storage application with slavefifo application? any helpful example?


      Thank you for your time and further coming response 

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          - Since you are not directly connecting the USB controller to the storage device, FX3 is a better option. FX3S is preferred when a storage block is required in the USB controller.

          - Please refer to AN65974 example firmware.

          - You can implement synchronous slave FIFO.

          - As far as FX3 is concerned, it just acts as a bridge between the USB host and the FPGA. The processing of data can be done in the FPGA.


          Best regards,

          Srinath S