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    BugS Report:  WICED6.4.0/Missing files


      WICED-SDK Version: Wiced_006.004.000.0061

      Platform CYW20719/CYBT_413034_EVAL and more …


      1. Missing SupperMux configuration files(.wst) for all platforms except only CYW920719Q40EVB_01
      2. Missing or bad some of the platform files for CYBT_413034_EVAL:

      - I’ve tried to build and download few  of the examples provided with WICED6.4.0 and all have same problems – every time need prior “recover” + “reset” in order to find device in order to download code

      - after downloading code need many times to press ‘reset’ until eventually pass after the first TRACE statement.  Even if pass trough and print few more TRACE statements, code stalls at certain later point.

      Not yet identified which of the files are bad , but when I reinstall the old version 6.2.1 and if I don’t replace the original files coming with WICED6.2.1 with the ones provided with the .rar for the CYBT_413034_EVAL  platform   in the  ……\SDK\20719-B1_Bluetooth\platforms or …..\SDK\20719-B1_Bluetooth\WICED\common, can have similar or maybe even same problems.