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    Trouble programming. Unable to read memory error.



      I have been working on a project for some time and have come across a curious issue. I have a project that has been coded, compiled and loaded successfully onto a custom board. Through troubleshooting this project, adjustments were made on the boards layout and a new board was made. This new board I am having trouble programming. When I initiate programming, a prompt appears saying that the target cannot be acquired. The error message is,


      "Error "Unable to acquire target device PSoC 3 CY8C3866PV*-070: Unable to read memory, Debug Enable is not set. Click Port Acquire to reset the chip and enable debug." was received while trying to change the selected target."


      No matter how many times I follow its directions it doesn't solve the problem. I am convinced this is a hardware connection error causing this since that is the change between the two built units. The layout difference between the two are the capacitors connected on the VCCD and VCCA. On the first board the capacitors were forgotten. They were later white-wired on and the project worked. The new layout simply added space for the capacitors and made the proper connections.


      Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.