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    USB-PD Swap Function as Sourcing Device


      To whom may it concern,


      I want to desigining a circuit Board for charging Tablet and communicating between Tablet and USB-to-Ethernet IC by USB 2.0.


      I think that my circuit board will be needed to consist of USB Type-C Plug, USB PD Controller IC, USB-to-Ethernet IC, Power supply ICs (Ex. 24V-to-5V DCDC) and so on.


      In various components, I'm difficult to choice the USB PD Controller IC for my application.


      I consider to below functions. Could you give your proper product to me?


      Data Flow is from Tablet (as Host) to USB-to-Ethernet IC on my board (as Device) for communicating external networking by USB 2.0.

      Power Flow is from Power Supply ICs on my board (as Source or Provider) to Tablet (as Sink or Consumer) for charging the tablet.

      Tunable PDO list (Default only PDO1 = 5V 3A by 24V-to-5V DCDC,          later setting PDO2 = 9V 3A by 24V-to-9V DCDC)

      Prefer to Low-pin Count  or Integrated FET for VBUS  or Integrated EEPROM for setting F/W Register.. and so on

      Prefer to operate standalone (= Non-using External Controller IC)


      I think that upper condition is not common.


      Because  it is not fully DFP(Source && Host) and fully UFP(SInk && Device) and it need to Swap function.


      I think that I need to find below PDIC product,
      Some PDIC initiated as Source(Provider) & DFP changes data role from DFP to UFP by DR_SWAP.


      Could I check and experiment the feasibility for my application by development kit?


      Which one do I choice? CCG2 (CYPD2121, CYPD2122)? CCG3(CYPD3123, CYPD3125, CYPD3126)?



      Please reply for me.
      Thank you.


      Specifying P/N of CCG2 Series and CCG3 Series