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    More information about driver reselling process



      We designed a device that uses Cypress CY7C68013 chip in order to initiate USB2 high speed communication (30MB/s throughput).

      We want our users to be able to use the device with Windows 10 64 bit and 32 bit operating systems.

      The installation should be plug-and-play, so as the user connects the device to the PC, Windows 10 should recognize it (using it's VID and PID numbers) and provide the drivers from Windows Update.


      The driver that Cypress provides (CyUsb3) works for our device and the only change we have to make is to change the VID and PID numbers in the INF file.

      As far as we understand, when the INF file is changed, the driver files should be re-signed using EV code signing certificate.


      I wonder how does the driver-reselling service works and how can it help us?

      We have the following questions:

      1. Do we have to provide you the modified INF file?

      2. Do you sign the driver files (SYS, INF, etc.) and create a new CAT file as part of the service?

      3. Do we have to provide the EV code signing certificate for the signing process?

      4. Does Cypress send the signed drivers for WHQL certification? Who does this part?

      5. How can we apply to the sevice?