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    PSoC 6 BLE in 2 roles write to peer issue


      Hello PSoC 6 community,


      I have my kit CY8CPROTO-063-BLE configured with 2 connections, 1 as central and 1 as peripheral, therefore communicating at the same time to a central like cysmart dongle and to another peripheral device at the client side. See attached workflow. I am also attaching the two test projects one is the peripheral device, the other is for the PSoC 6. Scanning, connecting, discovery all works okay, but writing to a custom characteristic on the peer device from PSoC 6, only works if I delete the instance of the custom service from the server GATT of the PSoC 6 (which is needed as well to receive write request from cysmart). If any custom service is present in the PSoC 6 GATT server side then the write process done with Cy_BLE_GATTC_WriteCharacteristicValue will fail. My aim is to receive write request from the cysmart into the PSoC 6 server and direct the same data to the central side of PSoC 6 for writing to the peer device connected as peripheral. In my case the PSoC 6 should act as a proxy in between Cysmart and a BLE peripheral. I don't understand what I am missing, I can't explain why it works only when I delete the service from the PSoC 6 GATT server, it should be able to be central/peripheral concurrently.